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Relocating businesses to Switzerland

Both from a civil and tax point of view Jäggi & Scheller’s Tax Law Office takes care of all the aspects of the re-domiciliation of companies to Switzerland:

  • Pre-immigration planning

    • Transfer of seat to Switzerland

    • Setting-up of Swiss subsidiaries

    • Setting-up of Swiss branches of foreign companies

  • Assistance in connection with all the registrations and filings compulsory at the arrival in Switzerland, such as application for licences or authorization necessary for particular activities

  • Assistance in contractual and corporate matters

  • Negotiation of tax rulings with tax authorities for companies with special regimes (in particular holding companies, auxiliary companies and administration companies)

  • Assistance, consultancy and negotiation with authorities for the benefits of incentives for new ventures

  • Cross-border corporate restructuring (transformation, mergers, demergers, sale of businesses)

    • Planning, optimisation and tax assistance

    • Drafting of contracts and shareholders’ agreements

    • Project management, assistance in the negotiation

  • Representation before tax authorities and other public offices

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